Emergency Services

Lavigne Oil Company has provided emergency fuel supply, logistics and management services to state and local government along with utility companies, commercial businesses and contractors who need to mobilize quickly after a natural disaster has occurred.

Corporately headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA, Lavigne has years of experience in both pre-storm preparation and post-storm relief efforts.

When a hurricane hits, local fuel resources get hit too with pipelines shut down and inventory shortages arise.  Lavigne Oil has the volume which defines allocation.  It is important to  have a plan in place to get emergency fuel. 

  • Large fleet of transport trucks.
  • Large fleet of fuel trailers (ability to stage trailers) 7500 to 8500 gallon capacity
  • Bobtail delivery trucks for top-off services
  • Truck fleet has GPS tracking and navigation
  • Trucks manned with experienced personnel
  • Service 24Hrs day/7days a week/365 days per year
  • Ability to provide Gasoline and  Diesel  
  • Various refinery pickup points for fuel throughout the South
  • Tank Lease Program

11203 Proverbs Avenue | Baton Rouge, LA 70816 | Ph: 800.349.0170 | Fax: 225.952.7901