Fuelman Fleet Card

FUELMAN GIVES YOU A Better way to Control Fuel Expenses


  • Use a nationwide network of low-priced fuel and maintenance locations
  • Track and monitor fleet fuel expenses by vehicle and driver
  • Consolidate all your fleet expenses with one report, making it easier to manage your business
  • Access your account anywhere, anytime with a detailed online accound management tool



A Proven Method - New Fleet Card Programs... See which Fits your Fleet...

1. Lavigne Advantage

Program designed for Onsite Automated Customers

  • Consigned Fuel Program
  • Wholesale Rack Pricing
  • OPIS Oil Price Information Service Price Verification 


2. Discount Advantage Card 

Program Designed for Fleets with 650 Monthly Gallons Range:

  • Save $.05 Cents off Retail Price Per Gallon
  • Max 8000 Gallons Annually
  • Rebate Paid Quarterly



3. Diesel Advantage

Program for Diesel Fleets Large or Small:

  • Save up to 15 cents/gallon on diesel fuel with wholesale based pricing
  • Save at least 4 cents/gallon on diesel fuel for the first twelve months


4. Fuelman Advantage Card

Program Designed for Fleets with a combination of Gas and Diesel:

  • Save Up to $.05 Cents Rebate Off Retail Price per Gallon
  • Rebate Based on Monthly Gallons Tier



Fuelman has been among the most known and trusted fleet cards in the industry and is now offering new fleet cards programs targeted to specific fleets. Fuelman is a trusted provider of fuel cards for all sized fleets with both diesel and unleaded fueling needs. Fuelman FleetCards are accepted across the Fuelman Network of 50,000 nationwide fueling stations and 20,000 maintenance sites. No matter where you fuel, your purchases are conveniently consolidated into one easy report and tracked by driver and vehicle. 

View online at www.fuelman.com

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